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Introduction to Cable Television - CATV Book

Introduction to Cable Television - CATV Book
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Headend CATV Headend
A headend is part of a television system that selects and processes video signals for distribution into a television distribution network. A variety of equipment is used at the headend, including antennas and satellite dishes to receive signals, preamplifiers, frequency converters, demodulators and modulators, processors, and scrambling and de-scrambling equipment.
Headend CATV Headend System
CATV Headend System Diagram
This figure shows a diagram of a simple head-end system. This diagram shows that the head-end gathers programming sources, decodes, selects and retransmits video programming to the distribution network. The video sources to the headend typically include satellite signals, off air receivers, microwave connections and other video feed signals. The video sources are scrambled to prevent unauthorized viewing before being sent to the cable distribution system. The headend receives, decodes and decrypts these channels. This example shows that the programs that will be broadcasted are supplied to encoders and modulators to produce television channels on multiple frequencies. These channels are combined onto a single transmission line by a channel combiner.
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Telecom Billing Book
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Introduction to Cable Television - CATV Book
This book provides an overview of cable television system technology including cable modems, digital television, HDTV, along with how cable systems are converting from analog systems to digital networks so they can offer advanced services such as ultra broadband, video on demand (VOD) and addressable advertising.

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